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Meet the Team

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Shane Iwashige

I grew up in rural Reno County, KS, the son of a Japanese immigrant father and an Amish-Mennonite mother. My parents’ diversity of experience and their encouragement to explore and try things provided a solid foundation for my brothers and me both in life and business.
After buying an investment property, I discovered I enjoyed real estate, so in 2013 my wife and I began to grow our property management business. By mid-2015, we had grown to managing close to 100 properties in and around Hutchinson–up from 4 in mid-2013. As part of my service to investors, I have been involved in the inspection, negotiation, and purchase of many of those properties.

I currently chair the Choice Books of Kansas Board of Directors and serve on the national Choice Books LLC Board of Directors. I also serve on the leadership team of Hands of Christ Ministry, our local church’s ministry to the underprivileged in Hutchinson, KS.

When I’m not working in real estate or on our farm, I love spending time with my wife Dorcas, and our sons Tristan, Carson, and Cedric. I love our church, Center Amish Mennonite Church, and the reason a church exists–Jesus Christ. My primary hobby is choral singing, but I also enjoy being outdoors, snowboarding, and traveling.

Janet Svoboda

Over the years, I have come to enjoy both the hands-on work as well as the business aspects of real estate development and ownership. I always enjoyed working alongside my husband in his home rehabbing projects. And the career path I chose as a company lawyer included working in lending, financial services and buying, selling and developing real estate in big companies–from a downtown Kansas City high-rise redevelopment, to agricultural business and industry throughout the central states.
After spending most of my career in Kansas City, several years ago I returned, with my husband, Jace Rexroad, to live in his boyhood home in Hutchinson.
At Rock Rental, I often focus on sales and business development projects, but also like to dive into hands-on jobs, with a screwdriver or paint brush.
Some of my favorite things about living in Hutchinson are the Farmer’s Market (where I met Shane Iwashige), Third Thursdays, tai chi and the creative community. Some of my least favorite things are winter cold and Bermuda grass.

Brian Shenk

Growing up on a small farm in the rural Hutchinson area, I was taught the importance of responsibility and hard work from a young age. These values served me well as I entered the workforce, first in vinyl fence installation, and later in storage barn construction. My years in construction gave me valuable hands-on skills as well as opportunities to develop leadership and relational skills as I stepped into the capacity of crew leader.

Since joining the team at Rock Rentals, I have enjoyed the opportunities to exercise and expand both constructive and organizational skills. I enjoy finding creative solutions for maintenance issues that come up, as well as meeting and developing relationships with our clients. I am excited about providing outstanding service for each of our client.

In my free time, I love walks, hiking, biking and other outdoor adventures with my lovely wife, Cynthia, or working together on our home in Hutchinson. We are passionate about Jesus, and seeing His Kingdom expand and grow on earth. We love social times with our friends, as well as meeting new people and learning new things.

Nathan Yoder-photo

Nathan Yoder

It is my privilege to be a part of the Rock Rentals team as an accountant. I come from a family of five and currently have seven nephews and two nieces who are all very special to me. Numbers, people, and reading are some of the things I enjoy most. I spent nearly fourteen years as the bookkeeper of a ministry in Flanders, Belgium. After moving to Kansas in 2007 I studied accounting at Hutchinson Community College. I am indebted to my professors Patty Kolarik, Kim Johnson, and Leslie Thompson for helping me learn and love accounting principles. I consider myself privileged to be part of a team that promotes a high standard of excellence. I feel Rock Rentals has the potential to greatly benefit the larger Hutchinson community and I enjoy being a part of that impetus.

Darrel Bontrager

Born in Michigan and raised in Indiana, I worked on a lawn mowing crew for six years before spending fifteen months volunteering at a handicapped children’s home in Virginia. In the fall of 2006, I moved to Kansas where I began teaching 5th and 6th at Pilgrim Christian School. After teaching school for 7 years, I needed a break. From the classroom, I went to working for my father-in-law on his dairy farm in rural Hutchinson.

I married my lovely wife Karen in June of 2011. Our delightful daughter Kirzah joined our family in the fall of 2014.
Karen and I enjoy canoeing on the Arkansas River, traveling overseas, working outside on our rural Abbyville property, playing tennis, and interacting with our church family.

I’ve enjoyed the varied work experiences and the interactions with clients during my time at Rock Rentals.

Willard Mast-photo

Willard Mast

I was born and raised on a farm in Northern Indiana, and learned responsibilities and developed skills that are still useful today. I worked in pallet manufacturing for a number of years where I developed management and leadership skills. I then owned a construction business and did remodeling and roofing. In 2000 my wife Sharon and I moved our family of 3 children to El Salvador to take up pastoral responsibilities in a small rural church.

In 2009 we moved to Reno County, Kansas and I have done rental property maintenance for much of the time since then. I was self-employed for the year and a half prior to my employment with Rock Rentals.

I enjoy finding houses in need of repair, doing the hard work of rehabbing, and providing a lovely home for a family. I am addicted to my work, but do also enjoy spending time with my family; my wife Sharon, my daughter Andrea and son-in-law Matthew and their two sons, Jamien and Macaiah, my son Aaron and daughter-in-law Alicia, and my youngest son Arlynn. I am excited to be part of a growing business and a creative team!